Do I order through Optical Growth Partners?

No, you place your order direct through the supplier partner and the procurement relationship remains between the two of you. Once you become a member, we will notify all the supplier partners that you have joined Optical Growth Partners so they can tag  your practice on their systems. This will ensure you are eligible for the Optical Growth Partner exclusive pricing, discounts, and  rebates. 

If you need to set up a new account with one of our supply partners, we can assist you with the paperwork to make the transition  as easy as possible.

Do I have to use all of the supplier partners that Optical Growth Partners deals with?

To get the absolute best financial result from your membership, we encourage you to use the Optical Growth Partner deals and  partnerships, although eligibility for membership does not require you to exclusively use all suppliers. We have a comprehensive  partnership guide that will give you all the details of each individual partnership. Our team can work with you to understand more  about our partnerships and how best to leverage them for your practice.

How do I know that I will get a better deal that what I am currently on?

The model of our ownership organisation allows us to negotiate industry leading partnership for our members. As your first year  of membership is completely risk free, as soon as you become a member, we will be able to disclose the full details of our  partnerships with your practice so you can compare how this looks against your current arrangements.

How are the rebates calculated and distributed?

We have agreements with several partners that include generous rebate levels for members. If you purchase their products, we  get reports from all partners at the end of every quarter which includes your purchase activity. We calculate the total value of  your purchases and the eligible rebate amounts. We then collect these funds from each of the supplier partners and then pay you a collective rebate from all our partners into your nominated bank account. This is done every quarter and you also receive an  itemised rebate statement detailing the breakdown of each partners rebates. The distribution is based on how much your practices 

uses of a product, it has nothing to do with the collective members usage.

Can I see what is in it for me without any risk?

Yes, we have a no catch, risk free guarantee. If we have not returned 200% of value on the cost of your 1st year of membership,  we will refund your total membership in full*. That means you can become a member for the first twelve months completely risk  free. 

* 12-month guarantee relates to the Membership Essentials level of membership and requires you to utilise our lens labs for 70%  of your lens lab activity

Am I tied into a contract with Optical Growth Partners?

You are not tied into an ongoing contract with the Membership Essentials level of membership, but to benefit from the risk-free guarantee, you need to remain a member for at least 12 months. At the Membership Plus and Membership Customised Level you may be asked to sign an agreement for ongoing access to systems or marketing executions. You will  be required to sign a confidentiality agreement where you agree not to disclose nor use the Optical Growth Partners partnerships as leverage for your own negotiations.